Charles Garnier

Автор: Sol Kliczkowski

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Издател teNeues
Брой страници 80
Година на издаване 2004
Корици твърди
Език английски, немски, френски, италиански
Тегло 360 грама
Размери 0x0
ISBN 3823855468
Баркод 3823855468
Категории Архитектура. Дизайн. Интериор, Изкуство, Книги

Charles Gamier (Paris. 1825-1898) is outstanding for the use he made of eclecticism during the Second Empire period. By way of this, he would create neo-Classical, Renaissance and baroque forms. The culmination of his work is the Paris Opera, which is of great relevance for the architecture of the nineteenth century and one that has marked the evolution of this discipline. At the same time. Gamier is the author of a wide array of projects such as. mausoleums, public recreational spaces, private establishments, and buildings raised in his retirement in Bordighera. Not only in the Opera, but also in the rest of his creations, one finds a mixture of tradition and innovation as well as a minute care for detail and the use of a great variety of materials.

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