Rose Valley Festival: History, Culture and Traditions in the Municipality of Karlovo

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Година на издаване 2003
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Municipality of Karlovo
The Municipality of Karlovo is situated in the northern part of Plovdiv region, covering 1090 sq km. It represents 1% of the territory of the country. In the north it borders on the Lovech region, in the east - on the Municipality of Pavel Banya, in the south - with the municipalities of Brezovo, Hissar and Kaloyanovo.
It has a population of 75 000 which puts it among the 20 largest municipalities in the country. Karlovo Municipality consists of 5 towns -Karlovo, Sopot, Klissura, Kalofer, Banya, 24 villages and a small settlement. The municipal center Karlovo is the largest settlement, with population of 30 000. The town is situated at 56 km from the regional center of Plovdiv and at 147 km from the capital.
The climate is suitable for agriculture, especially the growing of the oil-rose, vines, and fruit trees. It is also adequate for the development of recreation, internal and foreign tourism, as well as forestry.
There are a number of thermal baths here -Klissura, Kliment, Stoletovo. The mineral springs in the town of Banya are well developed, creating conditions for thermal treatment of various diseases and recreational activities and greenhouse production.
Forests cover a considerable part of the territory of the municipality and offer favorable conditions for the development of forestry and international hunting tourism. The diversity of flora and fauna is concentrated in the "Central Balkans" National Park. Two unique reserves fall within the territory of the park - Stara Reka and Dzendema.
The main highway E-78 and the Balkan railway line to Bourgas, with extensions to Plovdiv, cross the territory of the municipality. Communications with the Plovdiv and the Haskovo regions are excellent.

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