Mini Flash Cards Language Games: All About Me


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Издател Collins
Език английски
Тегло 102 грама
Размери 7x10
ISBN 9780007522378
Баркод 9780007522378
Категории Английски език, Чужди езици: Помагала, речници, Книги

A unique and highly creative series of full colour mini flash cards for teaching and learning English words and phrases. There are 16 different topic-based packs, each with 40 cards with a full colour illustration on one side, and the English word or phrase on the back. With guidance from the teacher, pupils play with the cards (over and over again, happily!) in pairs or small groups to learn or revise language in an enjoyable and memorable way. The teacher's book, COPYKIT ENGLISH: Mini Flash cards Language Games, provides ideas and suggestions for a wide variety of activities.

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