Автор: Collective

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Издател Beta-Plus
Брой страници 200
Година на издаване 2007
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 1435 грама
Размери 30.5x23.5
ISBN 9077213414
Баркод 9077213414
Категории Архитектура. Дизайн. Интериор, Изкуство, Книги

Interior designers emphasise considerably on the design and installation of bedrooms as their clients attach large importance to that in the habitation. The current trend is to separate the sleeping area from the shelving and arrangements area, especially when space is not an issue. Rooms arranged in a row, with the dressing area separated, is the most common layout.
Desires for relief and relaxation have not been forgotten: many bedrooms have a living corner with comfortable sofasets and television.
This publication presents over 30 modern bedrooms done by renowned architects and interior designers: from the classic to timeless romanticism style to contemporary minimalism.
Despite their great differences, all the works have several common points: the sense of space, harmony of colors, and the passion for materials and natural and warm fabrics.

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