Автор: Mercedes Lackey
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Издател Millennium*
Брой страници 294
Година на издаване 1999
Корици меки
Език английски
Тегло 220 грама
Размери 18x11
ISBN 185798871X
Баркод 185798871X
Категории на английски език, Художествена литература на чужди езици, Художествена литература, Книги

Once Errold's Grove had been prosperous. But that was before the Mage Storms. Now the devastated Pelagiris Forest is home to hideous beasts that only a few are brave enough to hunt. Darian's parents were hunters par excellence, but they didn't return from their last expedition. Darian found himself apprenticed to Wizard Justyn who insists that he has 'talent'. But for Darian magic is just nonsense - his only solace is the forest where he can mourn in private.

From his secret retreat at the forest's edge, Darian watches northern barbarians lay waste to Errold's Grove, killing his would-be mentor. Pursued, he flees deep into its heart to find himself picked up by the mysterious Hawkbrothers. They too have a kind of magic, but one Darian is not ashamed to admit to. It is the beginning of a new life and a greater challenge than Wizard Justyn had ever foreseen...

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